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Tappan Wire & Cable, Inc. - H91835.1 Lighting Control


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HDC Integrated HDMI Fiber Cable System
HDC Integrated HDMI Fiber Cable System

Lighting Control



Lutron® ROYAL BLUE for GRX-CBL-46L Non Plenum Cable

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for Lutron GRX-CBL-46L. For use with Lutron Grafik Eye 4000/6000 systems, and other systems using like cables. 2C 12 AWG with PVC Insulation (Black and Red) + 1/C 18 AWG with orange PVC Insulation + 1 Shielded Pair 22 AWG (Low Capacitance Data) color coded White and Violet. Light Blue PVC Jacket with a Royal Blue Stripe. UL listed for all NEC Article 725 and 800 non-plenum uses including CL2, CL3,CL2R, and CL3R (risers). Not for use in plenum spaces. Made in the USA. RoHS compliant. LUTRON and Grafik Eye are registered trademarks of LUTRON Electronics Co., Inc.
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