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5M LC MM 3.0mm Zipcord LSZH
5M LC MM 3.0mm Zipcord LSZH


Guardsman ATA 300 Shipping Case with Foam Layer, White Color, 17 1/2-in x 11-in x 8-in

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Heavy-duty black HMW polyethylene material with unique continuous industrial frame based on Platt's patented Guardsman™ design and construction. All hardware is recessed for wearability and shipping purposes.

Cases come with padlock provision, spring loaded handle, full-length piano hinge and security type bolts. All top and body interiors of cases are lined with high density foam.

Patented Guardsman Design & Construction
Construction features HMW polyethylene thermoplastic sheets bent to size to form strong but lightweight shipping cases ideal for computer, video, audio, medical, electronic instrumentation and industrial equipment.

All cases use our UNIQUE CONTINUOUS FRAME CONSTRUCTION for maximum strength and durability. Cases include full length piano hinge, recessed spring-loaded handle and latches.

Foam interiors can be made to your individual requirements using polyurethane ether or ester foam, polyethylene foam, anti-static, conductive or static dissipative foam.

Options include different colors, stacking studs, combination lock, fixed or removable casters, wheels and telescoping handle, key lock, padlockable latches and conductive polyethylene for protection against ESD discharge damage.

All orders (even one case) are quoted by Platt depending on size, foam interiors, other options, and quantity. Call your local distributor.

Telescoping Handle ATA
Platt's Guardsman cases are available with built-in wheels and telescoping handle. Not only are the Guardsman cases able to take the rigors of shipping but now when you get the case it is easy to move. Convenient for display cases or product cases.

Custom Options from Platt
In addition to Platt's standard stock-cases, Platt can manufacture a totally custom case to meet your most specific requirements.
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