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#1 iPad Developers Toolkit: Introduction
#1 iPad Developers Toolkit: Introduction
Lectrosonics, Inc.
iPad can be used as a touch panel control system for ASPEN digital audio processors. This video provides an overview of the control options using the macro language built into every ASPEN processor.

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Lectrosonics, Inc.
DNTBOB88 Dante Breakout Box
DNTBOB88 Dante Breakout Box

ASPEN Series



ASPEN Dante Network Processor

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The processor handles the clock synchronization for the ASPEN equipment and the Dante network. If the processor is the Dante master, it generates the clock signal for the network and the ASPEN rack. If the processor is a Dante slave, it picks up the network clock and passes it on to the ASPEN system below it. Multiple Dante equipped devices will automatically discover one another and configure the Master/Slave relationship. Redundancy, which is required in some applications, is accomplished by connecting to a secondary network that duplicates real-time audio traffic. If the primary network fails for any reason, the secondary network’s audio continues without losing a single sample. The SPNDNT is always positioned as the Master in the ASPEN subsystem (at the top of the component stack).
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