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PureLink - DT1000RV RF6 Extension

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GovComm 2011: PureLink Highlights HD Video Connectivity Solutions Including Digital Matrix Routers
GovComm 2011: PureLink Highlights HD Video Connectivity Solutions Including Digital Matrix Routers
PureLink’s Howard Schilling gets the rAVe video team’s attention at the recent GovComm11 show in Washington, DC. Showing his considerable skills as a public speaker, Howard mesmerizes the guy with the camera like a snake charmer, its like riding a roller coaster at times! Another theory is the camera operator was so dazzled by PureLink’s amazing products, he kept losing his balance. What

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55" Video Wall Display

RF6 Extension



DT1000RV - RF6 Series Fiber Transmitter Module for DVI, VGA, Audio, and RS-232

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The Purelink DT1000RV DVI + VGA fiber optic extender is a transmitter module for RF6 series. It is a transmitter for long distance transmission of DVI (HDMI with HDCP), VGA and Analog stereo audio over fiber optic cabling. For added flexibility and convenience, RS-232 signal can be transmitted on a separated RJ-45 port. DT1000RV is capable of sending WUXGA (1920 x 1200) PC and 1080p @ 60Hz signals up to 5000 ft. The DT1000RV is fully compatible with HDMI signals (HDCP) when used with the appropriate DVI to HDMI adapters from Purelink. The DT1000RV takes up two slots space of the RF6 frame, so it is limited to the total of 3 cards per RF6 frame. The DT1000RV transmitter is ideal for a wide range of application requiring long distance acceptance of high resolution content with the highest quality. Because transmission of content is greatly secure and immune to outside interference, fiber optic extension systems are favored in government, military, school and medical environment.
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