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V2200 Industrial Auto Start, Play And Repeat DVD Player
V2200 Industrial Auto Start, Play And Repeat DVD Player
Videotel, Inc.
The V2200 is the latest generation in our long line of Industrial DVD Players. A truly "GREEN" DVD player. Designed and built to play 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for 3-5 years. Compare that to an average player that only runs for about 4 months then ends up in a land fill. The V2200 automatically powers on, plays and auto repeats with no interaction on your part needed. You can find more inform
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Videotel Digital (San Diego, CA) Announces Exclusive HD2600 Industrial DVD Player

Article posted on Apr 6, 2012

Videotel, Inc Releases Its Latest Advanced Industrial DVD Player

The HD2600 is the only cost effective and durable looping DVD player on the market. This unit was built to run continuously 24 hours a day for over 4 years. It will also auto start, skip commercials, skip menus and auto repeat upon insertion of a DVD or power resumption.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 10, 2011 -- Videotel, Inc. announces the release of the newest commercial DVD player, the HD2600.

Vice President of Videotel, Inc. Mr. Schneider states, "The HD2600 is the latest release in our long line ofIndustrial DVD players. Our newest model has several exciting features which were added to her sister player the V2200. These features include a built in 720 and 1080 up-scaler, an HDMI output and a rear mounted infrared jack. For companies that are looking for a durable, trouble free DVD player that skips menus, commercials, previews and simply plays the DVD, the HD2600 is the only one on the market that has these capabilities.

Videotel has predominately sold these players to hospitals, hotels, casinos, digital signage companies, museums, prisons, police stations and airports. Some of our highlighted customers include Muzak, MGM, Cisco, TSA, Hyatt, Omni, Hard Rock, Harrah's, Hertz and Zones."

The average life of a standard retail DVD player running 24 hours a day 7 days a week is about 4 months. The HD2600 industrial DVD player is estimated to play continuously for 4+ years and is backed by a 18 month warranty. For companies that require a looping video to play 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this one will do the job. 

Videotel is also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

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Contact Information

Mark Schneider

Videotel, Inc.

(800) 878-4056 

Online Web 2.0 Version

You can read the online version of this press release here.

Videotel Digital Announces Exclusive HD2600 Industrial DVD Player


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