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STUDER - Signal Processing Systems


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2X1 VGA/XGA Switcher 1x2 DA
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Studer Professional Audio GmbH, founded by Willi Studer in 1948 and headquartered in Regensdorf, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of digital and analog mixing consoles and other high-end products for broadcast and recording applications. A subsidiary of Harman International Industries, the company's products are distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America and in Canada by Studer Canada

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Signal Processing Systems
STUDER - D21 MasterSync  
StuderD21 MasterSync includes a highly accurate internal clock reference (1 ppm). The generator can be synchronized from an external source with a video, a wordclock or an AES/EBU signal.
Model: D21 MasterSync
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STUDER - D21 Multifeed  
D21 MultiFeed distributes one word clock signal to six outputs, and up to four different AES/EBU signals to 16 outputs. Two distribution amplifiers are integrated in the Studer D21 MultiFeed.
Model: D21 Multifeed
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