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3G SDI/Dual Link SDI Converter

Hearit MT

Communication amplifier

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Hearit MT is developed for people that want a simple and easy to use hearing aid and is the ideal device for those that do not want to, or are not able to use a conventional hearing aid.

Userfriendly design
With one control wheel to switch the Hearit MT on, off and adjust the volume and M/T-switch (microphone/telecoil position) it couldn't be easier. As it can be used handheld, the powerful microphone can be directed at the person talking or moved closer if needed. Hearit MT can be used by both non hearing aid users and hearing aid users.

Built-in telecoil
In T-position Hearit can be used to listen to teleloop systems installed in public places such as places of worship, airport, social clubs and theatres, or listen to television in the home using a room loop.

High sound quality
Hearit MT has an acknowledged hight quality sound. With all controls at maximum the total amplification is 56 dB (50 dB at 1,6 KHz) which makes it more powerful than most conventional hearing aids.

Hearit package
Hearit MT comes with standard headphones, neck strap and a carrying case. Other listening options (i.e. earbuds or neck loop) can be used.

The AGC safeguards the ears against damage from sounds that are to loud such as being dropped on a table. The standard AA batteries are very easy to change.
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