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Opticis Co., Ltd. - AVFX-100 VGA Extender


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Opticis Co., Ltd.
One (1) fiber HDMI Extender
One (1) fiber HDMI Extender

VGA Extender



Two (2) fiber VGA, Audio and RS-232 Extender

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AVFX-100 enables integrated extension of Analog RGB video, audio and serial interface up to 2 km (6,560feet) over two (2) single-mode / 300m (985feet) over two(2) multi-mode fibers of LC connector. Designed for high resolution performance, it uses zero compression technology to deliver perfect graphic data transmission up to UXGA (1600x1200) at 60Hz refresh rate. It is designed to multiplex and de-multiplex RGB video, stereo audio, Display Data Channel (DDC) command interface and serial data so as to be linked over two (2) single-mode LC fibers. It is compatible with DDC2B up to 100 kHz clock speed. AVFX-100 supports connecting serial data communication interfaces RS-232. Serial interface offers device-to-device and device-to-controller connections to build up control system for A/V integration. It also includes integrator-friendly features such as an output for local monitoring, rack-mount capability and real time system monitoring. It gives benefits of all-glass fiber transmission medium, data security, long distance extension up to 2km, easy plug-and-go installation and no RFI/EMI effects.
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