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Lectrosonics, Inc. - DM84 LecNet2™


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Lectrosonics, Inc.
DNTBOB88 Dante Breakout Box
DNTBOB88 Dante Breakout Box




DM Series Digital Audio Processor

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The DM84 combines a stackable 8-in/4-out automatic matrix mixer with a powerful DSP signal processing package and extensive remote control capabilities for any sound system application with multiple microphones and loudspeakers. Multiple DM84 units can be stacked to expand the matrix with unlimited inputs and up to 12 outputs. The unit also supports the full LecNet2 digital matrix, so it can also be integrated with other DM Series processors in 24 output systems. The DSP features include a full complement of filters, ADFE (automatic digital feedback eliminators), compressors, limiters and delay on every channel to optimize the signal processing needed for every application. This processing is available at the inputs to compensate for microphone placement and signal characteristics, or to adjust for differences in tonal quality or dynamics of various signal sources. Each output has individual filters and a proprietary, adaptive time constant compressor/limiter to feed recorders or power amplifiers. Extensive control capability is built into the unit with an intuitive command structure to allow external control with USB or RS-232 connections. Touch panel control systems easily integrate into the command structure. Remote control, monitoring and setup can also be done via ethernet connections using a low cost interface provided by another manufacturer. Up to 128 macros can be stored in internal memory. Each macro can contain up to 64 commands, with 115 characters in each command. Macros can be invoked with serial commands from touch panel control systems or contact switches connected to the logic I/O ports on the rear panel. The macros can be chained so that one macro can call another one, which may call yet another one. In addition, a built-in macro recorder greatly simplifies the creation and use of macros.
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