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Lastolite - LL LB8867


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Comprehensive Cable and Connectivity Company (VCOM)
USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Cable 25ft
USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Cable 25ft

LL LB8867

(6 X 7)-ft HiLite Background

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The HiLite is now available in two new sizes.The new 8' x 7' (2.5m x 2.15m) version can be used as a portrait or landscape background providing extra height or width to shoot larger groups or for more animated poses.The smaller 4'6" x 3'6" (1.4m x 1m) version offers an extremely portable solution for quick head and shoulder, product photography or as a full body fill light.Bottletop Covers Add Versatility.A new range of Bottletop background covers with a train now makes the HiLite product range even more versatile.These backgrounds stretch over the HiLite and allow the photographer to quickly switch from a high key to a low or mid key environment.When using the covers the HiLite doesn't need to be illuminated.
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