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Cross Talk Problems with Unshielded Twisted Pair Cabling
Cross Talk Problems with Unshielded Twisted Pair Cabling
Kramer Electronics USA, Inc.
How cross talk can negatively affect a digital video signal when it's run through unshielded twisted pair cabling.

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Kramer Electronics USA, Inc.
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5.25" 2-way On-wall Speaker

K-Able Box

Cable Retractor

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The K-Able Box is a furniture-mounted cable extender, retractor and housing that is easily installed underneath a table top or in a podium. The device is available with one of seven cable types and can be mounted in a variety of positions and configurations for use with the Kramer TBUS line or independently as a stand-alone product.Models available: K-ABLE BOX/VGA:Retractable VGA (15-pin HD) Cable Reel. 3ft (1 meter).K-ABLE-BOX/VGA&AUDIO:Retractable VGA (15-pin HD) & Stereo Audio (3.5mm) Cable Reel. 3ft (1 meter).K-ABLE-BOX/CAT6:Retractable CAT 6 (RJ-45) Cable Reel. 3ft (1 meter).K-ABLE-BOX/HDMI-WITH-ETHRNET:Retractable HDMI with Ethernet Cable Reel. 3ft (1 meter).
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