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IML Worldwide - IML Connector ARS

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IML Connector for Meetings & Events
IML Connector for Meetings & Events
IML Worldwide
Watch this 70 second video to see how the IML Connector enables your meeting and event attendees to inspire conversation, share opinions & drive change.

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Comprehensive Cable and Connectivity Company (VCOM)
XHD™ Double Shielded S-Video Cable 6ft
XHD™ Double Shielded S-Video Cable 6ft

IML Connector ARS

IML Connector - Audience Response System

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The IML Connector offers enhanced voting solutions. Ask the audience questions in a wide variety of formats, including multiple choice, value, rating, prioritization, text response, XY matrix, elections and resolution voting. Receive greater audience participation through anonymity or track individuals' responses via smartcards.
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