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Harnessing Audience Insight with IML
Harnessing Audience Insight with IML
IML Worldwide
The real value for the key stakeholders of any meeting or event is the discussion, content and actions that are generated by the participants. IML's simple-to-use solutions help capture and make sense of all of the rich content created in meetings and events. That is how IML can help. We call it Harnessing Audience Insight.

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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
Ceiling-Recessed Electric Screens
Ceiling-Recessed Electric Screens

IML Connector ARS

IML Connector - Audience Response System

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The IML Connector offers enhanced voting solutions. Ask the audience questions in a wide variety of formats, including multiple choice, value, rating, prioritization, text response, XY matrix, elections and resolution voting. Receive greater audience participation through anonymity or track individuals' responses via smartcards.
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