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Grundorf Corporation - GA-4041NGS™ Gala Line Array


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Grundorf Corporation
High Power Low Profile Subwoofer, 2000W
High Power Low Profile Subwoofer, 2000W

Gala Line Array



Grund Audio Line Array Loudspeaker, 1200W

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The Grund Audio Design GA-4041NGS™ is a ground-stacking line array speaker system designed for use by regional touring companies who require fast, inexpensive setup, or where reliable hanging points are unavailable. Extraordinary economy is realized in four ways. No expensive flying hardware is attached. Two line array units fit in each cabinet. Set-up and tear-down can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Expensive riggers are not required. Unit essentially contains two line-array systems properly angled and built into a single cabinet. One additional unit may be securely stacked on top, making a properly aligned array consisting of eight each hi-frequency horns and 10" drivers. The GA-4041NGS™ may be used alone, double stacked or in conjunction with line arrays, like the GA-1021N™ or GA-2021N™. Units are ideal for mid-sized venues between 1800 and 2500 seats as well as theaters, outdoor amphitheaters, fairs, club dates and outdoor concerts where rigging isn't available.
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