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Gold Line - ZM2N


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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
F/F DUK DLX W/BAR 69X120 -- Fast-Fold Deluxe Drapery Presentation Kits - HDTV (16:9) - 65 x 116 - Black (standard)
F/F DUK DLX W/BAR 69X120 -- Fast-Fold Deluxe Drapery Presentation Kits - HDTV (16:9) - 65 x 116 - Black (standard)


Impedance Meter with Calculated Watts, Tone Generator, Protection Circuit, AC Power in Rugged Carry Case

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The Model ZM1, ZM1P & ZM2N are unique test and measurement instruments that are useful to every sound contractor or installer.

The ZM1 measures the impedance of loudspeakers and entire distributed loudspeaker systems as well as individual components (resistors, capacitors, inductors). It will also calculate the wattage that will be produced on an installed loudspeaker system.

The ZM1P(shown here) has all the features of the ZM1 but adds an Overload Protection Circuit that prevents the meter from being damaged from amplifier output overloads up to 120VAC and a Tone Generator to improve system testing and performance.

These are rugged hand held battery powered instruments with special circuitry to prolong battery life. They come complete with high quality test leads.

The ZM2N (shown with lid removed) takes the advanced features of the ZM1P a step further. Incorporating all the features of the ZM1P, the ZM2N provides a higher level tone output - ideal for use in noisy environments. The ZM2N is battery powered and it can also be powered from any 115VAC or 220VAC* source and comes in a virtually indestructible, crushproof carry case. The lid is removable to allow access into tight spaces. The case employs compound latches, a locking feature and stainless steel hardware is used throughout. High quality test leads are supplied.

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