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Flexible Picture Systems - IA-200_SDI Image AnyPlace(TM)


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Ceiling-Recessed Electric Screens with Closure Doors

Image AnyPlace(TM)



Image AnyPlace 200 with HD-SDI

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Image AnyPlace is a high performance video and graphic image scaler with Geometry Correction. Image AnyPlace 200 adds new input and output formats (including HD-SDI input), higher resolutions and additional control functionality to the feature set of the already popular Image AnyPlace product. As with the original, the IA-200 features off-axis correction up to 40 degrees horizontally and vertically. It boasts extremely accurate geometry correction (0.25 of a pixel). In addition to its already high performance features, the IA-200 also incorporates advanced video processing algorithms including: Noise Reduction, Advanced De-Interlacing and Image Detail Enhancement.
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