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Dynasound, Inc. - DS1092


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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
OPTION MICROPHONE W/MNT FEMALE -- Lectern Option: Microphone W/Mount Female
OPTION MICROPHONE W/MNT FEMALE -- Lectern Option: Microphone W/Mount Female


Soundmasking, Paging and Music System for 70.7V Speakers

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Soundmasking system features digital masking generator with adjustable low pass filter for tuning. It incorporates mixer to introduce paging and music signals into system. 40W amplifier provides power for up to 40 speakers, or approximately 10000 square feet. Soundmasking generater, mixer and power amplifier in an easy to use freestanding metal enclosure. It is designed for use in soundmasking applications that require centralized control, yet space and/or economy are consideration. Unit features simple and clearly labeled controls for ease of use. It offers many of most popular features usually found on larger centralized soundmasking systems, taking place of various rack type components. It shall incorporate front panel mounted volume control and low pass filter. It shall provide 40W output into standard 70.7V soundmasking speaker array. It shall incorporate digital soundmasking generator and mixer with inputs for paging and music signals.
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