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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC - Multi Vision Imager Fixed Frame Screens

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Da-Lite Model C
Da-Lite Model C
Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
The Da-Lite Model C is a manual pull down screen ideal for large size conference or training rooms. Permanently lubricated steel ball bearings combined with nylon bushings and heavy-duty spring assembly offers smooth operation even in demanding applications.

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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
Magnetic Interactive Projection Screen
Magnetic Interactive Projection Screen

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Multi Vision Imager

Multi Vision Imager

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The Multi Vision Imager’s innovative design combines a fixed frame screen and a tab tensioned electric screen in one frame. Both the fixed and retractable surfaces are tensioned at all times to ensure the flattest possible surface for optimal viewing. The design allows for the use of Da-Lite’s exclusive 3D Virtual Grey surface for passive 3D applications, which can then be retracted to reveal one of Da-Lite’s industry leading proprietary flexible front projection surfaces for standard 2D projection. Alternatively, any two front projection 2D surfaces can also be specified allowing for two different types of surfaces to be used in a room where the light level may not be consistent, such as daytime and nighttime viewing. The Multi Vision Imager is available in standard HDTV format sizes up to a 159" diagonal and Cinemascope sizes up to a 148" diagonal, or can be customized to fit your project specific dimensions.
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