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CTG Audio - FS-800


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Teleconference Interface Control Console

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Using multiple microphones, the FS-800 calculates the direction and source of every sound in a room. It can determine if a sound is speech or noise. By measuring the difference in time and intensity of the speech in each microphone, the FS-800 effectively forms a beam aimed at the person speaking and adaptively follows that person as they move about the room. Constantly monitoring each microphone in real time, acoustic information is added from microphones that do not appear in other microphones. Two Voice Activity Detectors are used to determine the presence of speech which provides superior echo cancellation. An additional De-Reverberation sensor identifies and reduces room reverberations such as voices reflecting from walls. The result is a degree of voice clarity and intelligibility unprecedented in the past, making rooms previously considered marginal –usable. The FS-800 has eight microphone inputs with independent Echo and Noise Cancellation on each microphone, plus an additional De-Reverberation Echo Canceller. The FS-800 can be daisy chained to additional FS-800’s and FS-400’s to support an unlimited number of microphones. Every unit can be either master or slave. Microphones may be installed in the ceiling, walls or on tables. In addition, the FS-800 comes with a PSTN telephone add and wired remote dialer that will turn it into a self contained audio teleconferencing system, and line level output and input connections will allow connection to a video codec for video teleconferencing. Used with CTG CM-01 Ceiling Microphone, or the TM-01 and TM-02 table top or table implant microphones, high quality conferencing can be available even in many rooms previously considered acoustically unsuitable.
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