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Argosy Console, Inc. - Argosy 90V-N V-Series Console System


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Argosy Console, Inc.
Workstation with 803 Style Racks and Platinum Powder-coated End Panels
Dual 15-803-Plat
Workstation with 803 Style Racks and Platinum Powder-coated End Panels

V-Series Console System


Argosy 90V-N

90V-Series Console Mainframe without Racks

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The V-Series console system provides most versatility with its patented modular expandability and wide range of rack and desk modules. Design console furniture with Argosy V-Series for an integrated, custom look without custom price tag. Unleash power of equipment by bringing it right into console environment. Argosy V-Series console system offers most versatility with its patented expandability and choice of modular desk and rack inserts. V-Series gives flexibility to adapt to an ever changing world quickly while enjoying creature comforts found only in large format console. 90V base chassis start at 90" in width and are expandable to any length in 29.2" increments. V-Series features a full length padded armrest and choice of integrated racks and desk modules. The chassis is suspended by a steel leg system to provide sonic transparency while defeating thermal buildup. Made of thermo-fused wood and powder coated components with special hardwood trim options available, this versatile console system combines function, comfort and style for control room.
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