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TP Design | 8_Bargraphs, Sub-Pages, Scrolling Reg, Ext Buttons & Gestures
TP Design | 8_Bargraphs, Sub-Pages, Scrolling Reg, Ext Buttons & Gestures
In this series of videos, you will learn how to use the TPD4 software. In this particular video, we will Add a Bargraph button, discuss Sub-Pages, Scrolling Regions, External Buttons & Gestures.

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Touch Panel Design/Programming Software
Touch Panel Design/Programming Software


Clear Connect Radio Powr Savr Ceiling Mount Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor

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The Lutron Clear Connect CCD-OCRB-P wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor automatically turns lights on when a person enters a room and turns lights off when the room is empty. As a battery powered (5-10 year battery life) and wireless device, the occupancy/vacancy sensor can be added to a Clear Connect System and be installed in any room without the need for wiring. When integrated with AMX's Resource Management Suite®, power to electronic appliances such as a projector or video conferencing system can be turned on or off based on occupancy. Available in a white ceiling mount configuration.

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