Government and Military

Because communications are key to their operations, the government and the military provide a steady source of contracts for AV service providers. Audio visual technicians support the mission of these institutions with sound systems, conferencing systems, communications equipment, projectors, displays, video walls, surveillance systems & much more.

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AV Case Study Results for Government and Military

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Building Automation, evacuation (8)
Conferencing, telepresence, distance learning, tele-medicine (49)
Content production, post production (11)
Digital content management, distribution, streaming (46)
Digital Signage (40)
Large venue display, Image magnification, media walls (36)
Paging and communications (9)
Presentation, training (70)
Residential applications - theaters, security, control (2)
Security, Surveillance, evacuation (24)
Sound reinforcement - indoor & outdoor (34)
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158 results

A Winning Combination: Citadel FCU enjoys digital signage communication, expertise

Location: West Chester, PA
Company: Tightrope Media Systems
Description: Helping customers make sense of digital signage solutions in today’s market can be tricky. To the untrained person, many of the digital signage systems look alike. At Advanced AV, we integrate more th...
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Advanced Media Center, Harris Corporation's Headquarters

Location: Melbourne, FL
Company: Imagine Communications
Description: The Advanced Media Center at Harris Corporation's headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, provides 24/7 control and monitoring of data and communications assets worldwide. Building on its traditional t...
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Aker Solutions uses projectiondesign for iPort simulation centre

Location: Stavanger, Norway
Company: projectiondesign
Description: Industry-leading oil and gas industry visualization benefits from 3D projection Aker Solutions’ iPort in Stavanger, Norway, is an integrated operations centre for the offshore industry. It offers 3...

Army Research Laboratory

Location: ,
Company: Christie

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland is now testing a unique virtual reality system...

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Black Box Case Study: Game schedules, live feeds, and ad revenues for bingo association

Location: Citrus Heights, CA
Company: Black Box Network Services
Description: The background A non-profit association in California promotes bingo games that provide much-needed funding for dozens of charities. The association runs a bingo hall that hosts both paper and e-bing...
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Black Box Case Study: iCOMPEL Corporate Digital Signage for Joy Mining Machinery

Location: Warrendale, PA
Company: Black Box Network Services
Description: The background:
With 55 facilities on five continents, Joy Mining Machinery is a worldwide manufacturer of underground mining equipment. Joy Mining Machinery’s headquarters are in Warrenda...
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British Airways approves projectiondesign® FL32 ReaLED™ projector for use in Level D full-flight simulation

Location: London, United Kingdom
Company: projectiondesign
Description: ReaLED technology passes the most stringent aviation industry tests ‘with flying colours’. In one of the most exciting and prestigious applications of LED technology to date, and after successfully...

Buffalo Wings & Rings

Location: Dallas, TX
Company: Contemporary Research
Description: Buffalo Wings & Rings, Indianapolis, IN wanted to put patrons in control and keep it simple in their state-of-the-art sports bar. Contemporary Research’s QMOD-HD modulators provided the answer. Whe...
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Bureau of Land Management

Location: Washington, DC
Company: Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Description: Digital presentation systems feed satellite TV broadcasts at the Bureau of Land Management

Anyone who watches the nightly news knows that a wide variety of video devices - camcorders, w...
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Camarillo Library Utilizes CyberTouch Technology to Creat Self-Service Kiosks

Location: Camarilli, CA
Company: CyberTouch
Description: The City of Camarillo’s state-of-the-art, $24 million, 65,000 square foot public library uses, CyberTouch touch screen LCD monitors to automate the library. Uses of the monitors include book, DVD, CD,...
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Canada Post National Control Centre

Location: Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Company: Christie

Each year Canada Post delivers billions of letters and packages to Canadian households, businesses and institutions. With a network of over 700 carrier trucks, plus air transportation, there ar...

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Centre for International Governance Innovation

Location: Waterloo, ON Canada
Company: Christie

The Centre for International Governance Innovation chooses Christie technology

Innovation is alive and well in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The Centre for International Governance Innovati...

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158 results
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