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Acclaim Lectern Deluxe Package, with two wireless receivers, two wireless mics, and base

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Acclaim deluxe package (ACL-DP) comes with a portable, sound lectern that is filled with features and benefits that outshine all the rest. It includes the ACL-8000U2 lectern top that has two built-in 16 channel wireless receivers and comes with your choice of two wireless mics. Lectern top can be placed on top of the Lectern Base (also included) for a stand alone lectern. Lectern top can also be used alone as a tabletop lectern, by setting it upon a table or desk. The top has sides that fold in and it fits easily inside the base, which has wheels and a handle for easy transportation. It is loud, battery powered, and runs up to 7 hours on single charge. It comes with a gooseneck mic, has 1/4-inch input if you want to attach a wired mic, and it can reach crowds of 500+ people. Just wheel it into place and use it at your next school spelling bee, speech, city council meeting, or other indoor/outdoor event.
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