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RTS BTR-240 Wireless Intercom System
RTS BTR-240 Wireless Intercom System
The RTS BTR-240 features best-in-class audio with fleixible wired interfacing options and license-free 2.4GHz WiFi technology.

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Winsted Corporation
EnVision Work Station
EnVision Work Station


Single-port VoIP Interface Card Kit without Rear Panel for Post-2004 KP-32 Classic Keypanels

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VoIP interface card provides a single RJ-45 Ethernet connection for use with a 10 BASE-T or 10.0 BASE-TX networks. It supports single-channel in and out and has configurable network and bandwidth parameter that can be tailored to individual network functions. Users have the ability to adjust the audio parameters of the card channel to optimize the available bandwidth.
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