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AMX - MXA-CLK Modero X Series

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What is Whole Home Distribution?
What is Whole Home Distribution?
Wouldn't it be great if you could take all the equipment from your bedroom & move it into another room when you weren't using it? Unless you want to get one of those roll carts they used back in high school, the answer is whole home distribution. In this informative video, find out how you can use whole home distribution to send audio, video & control information to any & every room in your hous

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Enova DGX 16 Enclosure
Enova DGX 16 Enclosure

Modero X Series



Modero X® Series Screen Cleaning Kit

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The Modero X Series Screen Cleaning Kit includes anti-bacterial/anti-static spray solution and soft cleaning cloth which doubles as a pouch to hold the spray bottle.
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