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Powered by InfoComm International, AV-iQ serves as a resource to the pro-AV communications industry working hand in hand with manufacturers, resellers & audio visual service providers. AV-iQ publishes the latest manufacturer news & content, including new product updates, product showrooms, a BIM Library & much more. And when end users need help finding services, AV-iQ is there to help with an AV Services Directory & Case Study Library.

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AV-iQ for InfoComm members

Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, design consultant, programmer or other commercial services provider in the professional AV industry there is an opportunity to promote your organization within the AV-iQ resource. In addition to benefits that are included with your membership as described below there are premium upgrades available as well to enhance the benefits you can derive from this valuable, global web marketing program.

AV-iQ members and premium programs

Dealer Catalogs Premium upgrades available Members
Basic branding and host site link
Basic catalog format
Choice of catalog formats
Advanced branding and navigation
Industry news within showrooms
Industry news rollup to single recap page and URL
New Products listing - 90 day rolling
iQ Announcer URL for emailing - monthly
Custom company description for SEO
SEO submission
Select from Premium manufacturers only
Select from all manufacturers
FAP listing at AV Equipment Provider level
FAP listing at manufacturer level
FAP at product listing level
Quarterly marketing/activity reports
Access to iQ Tracker and other analytics
AV Services Listings Premium upgrades available Non-members
AD format - AV services landing page
AD format - specific AV services search page
AD format - National ad - four per country
AD format - Regional ad - four per region
Local listing format - logo, company name, address, web link, map, contact us form and description
Free member basic listing - company name, city & state and "contact us" email form
Free non-member listing - company name, city & state only  
Access to AV-iQ Match maker data
Showrooms Premium upgrades available Non-members
Free basic showroom
All upgrades available

For more information contact sales@iqcatalogs.com
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