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JVC GY-HM650U Firmware Installation Procedure (no audio)
JVC GY-HM650U Firmware Installation Procedure (no audio)
JVC Professional Products Company
This video illustrates the checking and installation of firmware. Before performing this procedure, please read all of the documentation provided with individual firmware packages.

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JVC Professional Products Company
HD/SD-SDI IP Streaming Decoder
HD/SD-SDI IP Streaming Decoder



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The unit records from a variety of sources to its built-in 500GB hard drive or directly to Blu-ray™ disc, easily and efficiently. A built-in SD/HD-SDI interface ensures compatibility with most HD cameras, recorders and production switchers. Cameras providing USB 2.0, iLink or SDHC memory files may also be used. For clients who require content in standard definition, the SR-HD2500 is capable of downscaling and burning standard definition DVDs. Multiple copies of Blu-ray™ or DVD discs are easily obtained with the built-in duplication functon.
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