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17 Web Clean Switch - BrightEye NXT Compact SDI and HMDI Video Routers
17 Web Clean Switch - BrightEye NXT Compact SDI and HMDI Video Routers
Ensemble Designs
Introducing the BrightEye NXT Compact SDI & HMDI Video Router series from Ensemble Designs. Instantaneously switch between cameras & other sources, even when using both HDMI & SDI gear. Great for mobile, fly packs, studio & control room, both the BrightEye NXT 430 Compact Router & the BrightEye NXT 410 HDMI Clean Router are smaller than a half rack.

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Ensemble Designs
BrightEye Compact Router With Up/Down/Cross Conversion
NXT 430-X
BrightEye Compact Router With Up/Down/Cross Conversion




ASI and SMPTE 310M Converter

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ASI and SMPTE 310M converter and MPEG transport stream processor works with DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310M bitstreams. It provides stream content analysis with support for both Priority 1 and Priority 2 test protocols of the ETR 290 DVB measurement guidelines. As a converter, it can translate ASI to 310M or 310M to ASI. Using the reference input, the output bitstream can be synchronized to a video or 10 MHz reference signal. The 4500 module is useful in broadcast and transmission applications. Set the output of the 4500 module to the desired signal type, either ASI or 310M. The module autosenses what type of signal is on the input and converts as needed. Advanced configuration in the Avenue Control System allows choosing which services on the input are passed on to the output. The built-in transport stream analyzer detects whether the input constitutes a valid signal by checking for PAT, PMT, and PID packets. In addition to the ETR 290 test protocols, the user can configure tests to define the minimum number of video and audio packets expected per second in a given service. Alarms can be generated via SNMP, Avenue PC, and contact closure outputs. The output bitstream can be synchronized to a video or 10 MHz reference signal. This is of particular importance in 310M applications where the symbol clock frequency acts directly in the transmitter modulation process. By using an Avenue 7400 SPG with the GPS reference option, the 4500 Stream Processor will ensure the highest possible accuracy in transmission. Controls are easily accessed through an Avenue Control Panel, Avenue PC, GPIs, or front edge module controls. For critical signals paths, consider using a 4450, 4455 or 7455 bypass protection switch.
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