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Annotation scaler/switcher adds audio & video streaming to the iPad, volume control & more TUCSON, Ariz. (January 9, 2015) – Boeckeler Instruments Inc. recently announced that the latest ...
If you watched the telecast of the Arizona Wildcats basketball team win against Gardner-Webb last Tuesday night (12/2), chances are you saw Pointmaker annotation during play-by-play commentary. ...
Boeckeler Instruments completed a set of comparison charts to assist AV pros in selecting the best video annotation system for their client applications. The charts are downloadable free at http://www...
The Pointmaker CPN-6000 live streaming annotation system is currently our most appropriate model for use in broadcast applications. As with its predecessors, the CPN-6000 annotation features help t...
Boeckeler Instruments issues a challenge to AV pros to get under the ice bucket for ALS. See for details on how you can donate and/or participate! #IceBucketChallengeCalled out in ...
Live video streaming, HDMI audio extraction and a second HDCP output are featured in the new Pointmaker CPN-6000 live streaming annotation system by Boeckeler Instruments.  The professional ha...
Pointmaker brand leaps beyond the telestrator with new iPad app  TUCSON, Ariz. (June 3, 2014) –  Tucson, Ariz.-based Boeckeler Instruments Inc. recently announced the launch of the Pointma...
Not everyone knows that a Pointmaker annotation system can also be used as an autoswitcher, combining at least two presentation solutions in one box.  Besides annotation, the Pointmaker process...
TUCSON, Ariz. (Updated March 18, 2014) –  While analyzing medical images shared during a healthcare video conference, doctors, medical students and/or patients need an efficient way to poin...
Use the PVI Control app to control a Pointmaker CPN-5600 and CPN-6000 annotation system from your iPad. Display, share and annotate content from the iPad, as well as from multiple video and computer sources connected to the Pointmaker. Part 2 of this two-part tutorial focuses on the functions of the Control Panel. For a highlight on the toolbar functions, see Part 1.
Use the PVI Control app to control a Pointmaker CPN-5600 or CPN-6000 annotation system from your iPad. Display, share and annotate content from the iPad, as well as from multiple video and computer sources connected to the Pointmaker. This is part 1 of a two-part tutorial, exploring functions of the toolbar. See also the video PVI Control App Tutorial, Part 2: The Control Panel.
This video describes how to set up a network and meeting with the Pointmaker to share your annotated content with other devices, such as: -- another Pointmaker -- a printer -- multiple controllers, such as iPads Or to: -- save and retrieve images -- remotely control the Pointmaker
This video shows how you can control Pointmaker functions from an iPad using the free "PVI Control" app. This app is used in combination with the Pointmaker CPN-5600 annotation system, allowing you to choose menu commands, video sources and marker styles from an iPad. App available in in the App Store at
This video shows how to expand the number of drawing devices connected to your Pointmaker video marker, as well as how to extend the distances between drawing devices and your Pointmaker. White paper available at:
This video shows how to set up the function areas on a touch screen that is being used with a Pointmaker PVI-4300, PVI-4600, CPN-5000 or CPN-5600. Contact us for compatible touch screens. RelatedVideos: "Accessing the Main Menu" "Calibrating the Touch Screen"
This video shows you how to access the Pointmaker's Main Menu from a keyboard, tablet or touch screen.
This video shows you how to calibrate your touch screen for use with a Pointmaker video marker. NOTE: Because the list of compatible touch screens is always changing, please contact us before purchasing or installing a touch screen that will be used with Pointmaker product.
This video shows you the step-by-step process to update the firmware on your Pointmaker PVI-4300, PVI-4600 or CPN-5000.
This video shows the steps in filling out a Pointmaker online repair form should you need to return a product to our headquarters. Highlights include how to locate the form, how to fill out each field and what to do in the case of sending multiple products. Remember to troubleshoot a product with our support team first before returning a product -- this will save you time and money.
Nationwide Vision medical trainer Russ D'Amico uses the Pointmaker CPN-6000 annotation system with iPad control to present detailed medical images to Nationwide trainees during a one-day workshop. You are a member of the audience.
Watch this video to learn how to re-set newer Pointmaker models to factory settings, including the CPN-5000, PVI-4600 and PVI-4300.
Learn how to perform a hard reset on earlier Pointmaker models, including the PVI-83, PVIX90 and PVI-46. This returns the unit to factory default settings, including all menu settings and touch screen calibrations. Note that the models must be fully initialized with video displayed before the reset can be launched.
"Why use a video marker?" Our president Pat Brey answers at ISE 2012 in a video produced by rAVe. Enjoy!
This video shows one step in setting up the Pointmaker model CPN-5000. It shows how to set the aspect ratio and output resolution on the robust CPN-5000 scaler. 800-552-2262
A little information about the Pointmaker PS-2 keyboard. Always disconnect power from the Pointmaker before connecting AND disconnecting the keyboard. 800-552-2262
Watch how easy and smooth it is to use a Pointmaker with a touch screen. The user can apply annotation by just using their finger right on the screen. The touch screen interfaces with the Pointmaker hardware via RS-232 or USB. The touch screen shown in this video is the 24" CyberTouch Orion AV. Pointmaker is compatible with several 3rd party touch screen manufactures. Contact us today for more inf
When using a Pointmaker on each end of a video conference, each participant can draw over each others' images. This video shows a skeletal image being generated from the near end, and both participants take turns drawing over the image.
Watch as the Pointmaker is used in a video conference with Tandberg. There is a unique feature when using the two systems together that allows the annotation to follow the window in which it was drawn.
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