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Magenta Voyager - Fast Switching
Magenta Voyager - Fast Switching
Voyager is a fiber-optic based Pro A/V signal extension, switching & distribution system manufactured by Magenta Research. This demonstration, which we also showcased live at InfoComm 2012, shows just how fast a Voyager matrix switch can switch between sources. The demo features three HDCP-protected sources & 3 non-HDCP sources. The monitor on the far left of the demo is switching five times a sec

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HDMI over Single CAT.5e/CAT.6 System
HDMI over Single CAT.5e/CAT.6 System




HDMI Video Scaler

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1T-VS-622 Video to HDMI Scaler will convert either Composite or S-Video Standard Definition analog signals to an HDMI output at PC, SD or HD resolutions. In addition, externally available audio can be embedded into the output HDMI signal via separate Toslink and Analog Stereo inputs. Output audio, embedded in the HDMI signal, is separately available as Toslink and Analog Stereo outputs providing maximum flexibility for systems integration. The unit is HDCP complaint and DVI compatible and is ideal for situations where PC or other RGB video must be viewed on an HDMI display. The resolution of the attached display is automatically discovered by the unit. A comprehensive OSD menu allows manual selection of output resolution, adjustments of picture quality and audio input selection. A Locking DC power connector is used for security.
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