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Gepco/General Cable - DS404 DS4


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Cat6 Shielded Stranded Blue




4 Pair 24 Gage Digital Audio Cable

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Extra-low Loss 110 Ohm AES/EBU wide bandwidth digital audio multi-pair cable. The DS4 series features an extended 25MHz bandwidth, ultra-low attenuation, mechanical stability, and a precision 110 Ohm impedance. With the lowest available attenuation and precision impedance specifications, the DS4 series allows for longer runs of AES3 format digital audio over twisted-pair cable. The extended 25MHz bandwidth is compliant with the 2003 revision of the AES3 standard for transmission of digital audio at sampling rates up to 192kHz. Color coded and alphanumerically printed pairs facilitate easy channel identification and minimize crosstalk, while the new Riser Rated GEP-FLEX master jacket is both flexible and easy to pull through conduit.
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