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Draper, Inc. - RPX Rear Screen Systems Takes the guesswork out!

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AutoReturn Spring Roller for Manual Screens by Draper
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Draper, Inc.
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Takes the guesswork out!


RPX Rear Screen Systems

Supports the projector and mirror(s) in a rear projection room.

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Standard on all RPX Units(except RPX/Lite):
• Consists of a custom designed reinforced projector cradle, reinforced first surface glass mirror, and a unitized framework of blue extruded aluminum to position the projector and mirror in precisely the right relationship to each other and to the screen.
• It is built specifically for your unique requirement. You provide us with the make and model of projector, desired screen size, and a few simple room dimensions. Our designers evaluate the optics and determine the proper light geometry. The RPX is preset for a perfect fit.
• If the room dimensions or projector specifications change, the RPX can be adjusted in the field.
• Supporting frame is constructed of unitized framework of blue extruded aluminum with a 2" square cross section, fabricated from 6061-T6 alloy. It is sized to fit perfectly in your projection room, based upon dimensions you furnish.
• Sled Base features heavy-duty leveling feet and predrilled anchor points: when the system is correctly set, it may be permanently fastened in place.
• Mirror height, projector height, mirror angle and projector position (front to back) are all adjustable.
• The projector cradle is customized for your projector, and allows for both tilt-axis adjustment and micro-fine height adjustment, without tools, to position the image on rear screen.
• The cradle holds a six axis adjustment sled allowing movement to be for best image alignment.
• Cradle pivot plate is predrilled for the proper angle of installation, and calibrated in degrees for quick, precise adjustments if required. Mirror plate features shoulder bolts to simplify installation and slots for height adjustment.
• Has 94% reflective first surface mirrors.
• Ships complete with all required fasteners and hand tools
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