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Atlas Sound - TR411

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IP Speaker Scrolling Text
IP Speaker Scrolling Text
Atlas Sound
AtlasSound adds scrolling text feature to IP clock speakers. Presenter Dan Murphy explains how both ControlKom and InformaCast® software packages will display any message containing text directly on the speaker. This will greatly improve message delivery in noisy areas as well as the hearing impaired.

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Atlas Sound
6" x 2' Drop Tile Speaker Package


4" Mounting Ring for 16" or 24" Studs

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Versatile mounting ring installs to a variety of torsion-spring grilles with 4" (102mm) loudspeakers in drywall, plaster and conventional ceiling construction. Recommended for ease and economy when a protective enclosure is not specified. CRS construction. Finished in black epoxy. Includes torsion tabs. TR411 includes ears for mounting to 16" or 24" O.C. studs.
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