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Shure Incorporated - MX185 Microflex

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Shure Incorporated
SM58 Vocal System, 632 to 696MHz Frequency Range
SM58 Vocal System, 632 to 696MHz Frequency Range




Cardioid Microflex Lavalier Electret Condenser Microphone

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The MX185 is a wired lavalier electret condenser microphone designed for speech and vocal pickup, general purpose sound reinforcement, recording, and remote monitoring applications. It can be clipped to neckties, lapels, and other articles of clothing. Interchangeable cartridges make it possible to easily reconfigure microphone coverage as the need arises. The Microflex Lavaliers are completely compatible with all Shure Wireless transmitters, and their high sensitivity and wide frequency response guarantee great sound with a minimum of RF interference or electromagnetic hum. Plus, each Microflex Lavalier features the same Shure quality sound that has become an industry standard.
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