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Atlas Sound - SH4-22 SH

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IP Speaker Scrolling Text
IP Speaker Scrolling Text
Atlas Sound
AtlasSound adds scrolling text feature to IP clock speakers. Presenter Dan Murphy explains how both ControlKom and InformaCast® software packages will display any message containing text directly on the speaker. This will greatly improve message delivery in noisy areas as well as the hearing impaired.

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Atlas Sound
6" x 2' Drop Tile Speaker Package




22-in Deep Rack Shelf 4 RU

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Designed to rack mount consumer electronics into Atlas equipment racks.Use Atlas SHCK kit to clamp equipment securely.Designed to rack mount consumer electronics into Atlas equipment racks.Use Atlas SH-CLMK kit to clamp equipment securely.The Atlas Sound SH Series rack shelves will support VCRs, surround sound receivers, RF modulators, etc.Optional adjustable clamping brackets secure equipment from the top and include "L" brackets to provide a component stop from the rear.
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