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Crestron Electronics, Inc. - DVPHD-QUAD-QM

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Crestron Corporate Video
Crestron Corporate Video
Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Get a quick company overview and gain new insight as to what makes Crestron a global technology leader. See Crestron state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and testing. See unrivaled service, support and education. Every Crestron product is designed, tested, built and supported locally from its corporate campus in New Jersey. See the Crestron difference through this virtual tour.

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Crestron Electronics, Inc.
HDMI Input Card with Down-mixing for DM Switchers
HDMI Input Card with Down-mixing for DM Switchers


Quad Window High-definition Digital Video Processor, QM and 2 Multi-format BNC Inputs

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Quad window high-definition digital video processor that displays high-res computer and high-definition video signals with HDCP, provides a fully-customizable HD graphical environment, and enables real-time annotation and touch screen control. The DVPHD is configurable to handle up to eight different inputs of virtually any type, including HDMI®, DVI, DisplayPort (Multimode), HD-SDI, and analog signals. Industry-leading support for HDCP ensures seamless compatibility with content-protected DVD, Blu-ray Disc®, digital HDTV, and multimedia computer sources. Advanced high-definition image processing achieves astounding realism and detail for every input signal, with the ability to display up to eight separate video images at once, or seamlessly switch between them using alluring digital transition effects and customizable graphics.
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