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Cory's is Oklahoma's Oldest AV Company. Customer service is our number one priority. We don't sell products online because we want to be sure you are getting exactly what you need. Because the technology we sell can be very complex, we believe that every sale should be accompanied with a free phone consultation.

Shure Incorporated - Computers (Professional)

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Shure KSM42 Microphone
Shure KSM42 Microphone
Shure Incorporated
John Born from Shure talks about the KSM42, a premium side-address, cardioid condenser microphone featuring a large dual-diaphragm capsule that's optimized for world-class vocal recording and performance applications. The KSM42 features Prethos™ Advanced Preamplifier Technology for exceptionally smooth proximity control and ultra-wide dynamic range.

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Shure Incorporated
Chartreuse, For Use With M35S, Stylus Replacement for Discontinued Cartridge
Chartreuse, For Use With M35S, Stylus Replacement for Discontinued Cartridge

Shure Incorporated is widely acknowledged as the world's leading manufacturer of microphones & audio electronics. Shure’s diverse product line includes world-class wired and wireless microphones, headphones and personal monitor systems; award-winning earphones and headsets; and top-rated phonograph cartridges. Today, Shure products are the first choice whenever audio performance is a top priority.

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Computers (Professional)

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