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ClearOne - 35-inch Monitor Cart: Set Top Traditional

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ClearOne Tech Tip 3: MacroRecorder in CONVERGE Console
ClearOne Tech Tip 3: MacroRecorder in CONVERGE Console
Did you know that you can record a macro in CONVERGE Console? A macro is a single command used to call a set of commands. In the Converge product family each CONVERGE Pro or CONVERGE SR can have up to 255 macros each. One of the easiest ways to create a macro is to use the record option. By clicking on the Record button in the macro editor you can record a series of configuration changes

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Extension Antenna Combiner
Extension Antenna Combiner



35-inch Monitor Cart: Set Top

Set-Top Video Conferencing Cart

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The Set Top VC Carts are specifically designed to meet the needs of set top videoconferencing systems. The shallow depth gives this cart a sleek appearance and a small footprint that is welcome everywhere from the training room to the boardroom. With still more than 20" of depth in the interior cabinet, there is room for your VCR and other peripheral equipment. Our VC carts are designed to accomodate most monitors and are ideal for the wider Sony VVega FS series monitors.
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