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Anchor Audio, Inc. - RSM-7500 RescueMAN

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RescueMAN Personal PA System

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RescueMAN personal PA system was designed for first responders requiring voice amplification for emergencies or crowd control situations. This public address speaker delivers 100dB of crystal clear sound that is pumped out of a lightweight, wearable enclosure and can be heard over loud emergency equipment or in an active environment. The RescueMAN comes with an adjustable belt strap that fits securely around your waist, and this model is compatible with the coil cord, handheld microphone. It runs on battery power for up to 12 hours on a full charge. This PA also features a high quality record and replay function which allows users to record a voice message up to 20 seconds with repeating capability. There is also a siren alert button, and large push buttons for use with gloves on. Use it for emergency situations, crowd control, disaster relief, or whenever you need voice amplification.
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