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Cory's is Oklahoma's Oldest AV Company. Customer service is our number one priority. We don't sell products online because we want to be sure you are getting exactly what you need. Because the technology we sell can be very complex, we believe that every sale should be accompanied with a free phone consultation.

Anchor Audio, Inc.

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Portable Lectern Assembly - Admiral
Portable Lectern Assembly - Admiral
Anchor Audio, Inc.
This video shows you how to assemble the Admiral Portable Lectern
CARLSBAD, Calif. – Anchor Audio, Inc., will be converting its standard wireless microphone equipment from the UHF 682-698 MHz range to the UHF 540-570 MHz range for most products starting August 1st, ...
CARLSBAD, Calif. – Anchor Audio, Inc., has announced their newest release –Bluetooth as a standard feature in their Portable Sound Systems and Portable Public Address Systems. InfoComm 2014 marked the...
This video shows how to replace your MegaVox Pro 7500's Battery.
How to replace your Explorer Pro 7500 battery
InfoComm 2011 was a big success for Anchor Audio! This video we compiled shows the exciting, fun, and unforgettable moments we experienced at our favorite trade show - what an amazing experience for the Anchor Audio Sales and Marketing teams... We can't wait 'til next year (Viva las Vegas)!
Steve shows how to replace the battery for your Liberty Platinum...
How-to replace a Liberty 6000 battery
Wanda from Kentucky talks about her experience with the Liberty sound system over the years at InfoComm 2011.
Jason from the University of Cincinatti shows his excitement over the new RescueMAN personal P.A. system.
How to replace your Beacon line array sound system's battery...
Alex shows how easy it is to pack up the Beacon and explains more about its features.
Scott shows the MegaVox Pro public address system and all of its features and controls!
Alex demos the MiniVox Lite and explains its easy setup.
Scott and Anchor team explain how to use the Two different channels and how to use the ProLink 500 controls.
Nick shows us how to use the Beacon line array sound system
Jonathan shows the Explorer Pro's quick setup and how to use this amazing sound system.
Jonathan found a woman in Vancouver, Canada who just loves her MiniVox!
These are the top features and applications for our famous Liberty Platinum portable sound system.
This video shows you how to assemble the Admiral Portable Lectern
Scott shows us how to set up and use the Beacon line array sound system.
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