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Biamp Systems, Inc. - Tesira SERVER-IO

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Vocia® VA-8600 Failover Module (VFOM-1)


Digital Audio Network Server

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The Tesira SERVER-IO offers the flexibility to have scalable DSP and I/O in the same device, with up to three DSP-2 cards and up to 12 I/O cards, as well as AVB and/or CobraNet®.

The SERVER-IO can support up to 12 Standard Tesira I/O cards for up to 48 channels of audio I/O (e.g. mic and line level, VoIP, and telephone interface). The SERVER-IO can also be configured with one 420 x 420 channel AVB-1 card or one AVB-1 card and one or two 32 x 32 channel SCM-1 CobraNet cards. An integral network card provides redundant network connection for configuration setup and control of the Tesira network.

The on-board DSP features two new Biamp algorithms, SpeechSense™ and AmbientSense™, which enhance speech processing by more accurately distinguishing between human speech and noise.

Customizable I/O configurations enable easy rightsizing of system design, and I/O can be distributed from a central location. And the SERVER-IO integrates flexibly, by allowing control networking to run on a separate (existing) Ethernet network.

With so much flexibility in one device, the Tesira SERVER-IO can help you do more with less.
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