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Introduction to Plan View Module
Introduction to Plan View Module
Overview of Stardraw Design 7's Plan View module, including importing a DWG floorplan, selection and positioning of symbols using the Symbol Browser, use of the Cable Arc tool, defining your own custom Symbol Browser folders, supported symbol filetypes.

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Integrated Project Design and Documentation Software
Stardraw Design 7
Integrated Project Design and Documentation Software
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Save time, reduce costs, increase sales and improve your output by exploiting the leading design/documentation software for the professional audio and AV industries. NEW!! - Stardraw Control 2007 is the award-winning solution for system control: design custom UIs to control any product by any manufacturer using any protocol, without writing code.

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50 - Stardraw Control 2010
Stardraw control software generates customized control programs that can control any device over any protocol. It is fast and flexible with an ease of use that belies its underlying power.
Model: Stardraw Control 2010
Control Panels & Interfaces » Control Systems Enterprise Software
Save to List - Stardraw Design 7
Stardraw Design 7 is an exceptionally efficient software and is not just a drawing tool, but a fully integrated project design and documentation system, which is fast, easy to use, powerful and flexible, with access to a library of over 60,000 symbols.
Model: Stardraw Design 7
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