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Nevion: Where Video Is Moving
Nevion: Where Video Is Moving
Nevion: Where Video Is Moving

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Codec Box for Video Conferencing Carts
Codec Box for Video Conferencing Carts


HD/SD JPEG 2000 Compression over IP or ASI

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The VS901-AIED-GEP provides the highest quality SD/HD-SDI video through state of the art JPEG 2000 compression with a choice of IP or DVB-ASI network interfaces. The low latency and high visual quality is the ideal solution for interactive or any delay sensitive applications. The VS901 guarantees the highest possible visual quality with absolute minimal degradation through multiple encode/decode cycles at user selectable rates from 10-200Mbps for optimum tradeoff between quality and bandwidth. This provides users flexible control over providing the optimum source content for final encoding and distribution to the home. In a complete video transport chain, this maximizes quality or bandwidth for gains in cost efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.
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