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beyerdynamic, Inc.

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High Quality HD Video Conversion

MCS 221

Delegate Microphone Unit

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The MCS 221 delegate microphone unit provides a fixed gooseneck microphone. The audio is transmitted clearly and precisely via the microphone and a loudspeaker integrated in the microphone unit in optimal audio quality. Individual special functions can be selected with the configuration switches at the bottom of the housing, so that each microphone unit can be confiured as a sub-chairman unit for instance. Depending on the position of the switches the microphone unit is counted to the number of maximum open delegate microphone units (NOM limit) or not, the voice operation is allowed or not, the microphone unit can be turned on in all operating modes or can be cleared, the microphone button is active in the voice operation or locked. Depending on the operating mode selected with the chairman unit, the microphone can be turned on via the microphone button or voice-controlled. The microphone unit is connected in a daisy chain. A headphone can be connected to the jack socket on the rear.
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