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Eight-channel Premium Remote Controlled Preamplifier

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Eight-channel premium remote controlled preamplifier. Provides eight balanced Jensen® transformer-coupled microphone inputs with two sets of analog outputs for each channel. The optional digital output module allows simultaneous output of 24bits AES/EBU and ADAT Optical. Remote control of the 1788A from Avid and Yamaha consoles is possible with the Model 5200 MIDI/RS-422 to LAN remote control interface. LeNA, the patented digitally controlled low noise amplifier, allows the 1788A’s input gain to be adjusted in 1/4 dB steps, without noise or glitches. The MicLim microphone limiter makes the 1788A virtually impervious to input clipping. This makes the 1788 the perfect front end to any DAW, digital recorder or digital console. By placing the 1788A close to the microphones and controlling it remotely, long mic level runs and the associated noise are eliminated. By providing up to five outputs (with the 1788A-1 digital option), that are usable simultaneously, the need for splitter boxes is essentially eliminated.
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