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Model Product Name Description
Anvil Iron ABS Cases Anvil Iron is our most extreme line of defense.
Armorlite Lightweight Cases for Transporting Valuable and Sensitive Equipment An average of 30 percent lighter in weight than 3/8” and 1/2” ATA cases, ArmorLite offers the same durability, while providing reduced shipping expenses and easier handling.
ATA Air Transportation Association Standard Cases Designed to meet or exceed the Air Transportation Association Specification 300, Category 1, Anvil ATA cases are the most durable reusable transit cases available.
Fly Anvil Fly Anvil Cases Solve The Problems and Costs Associated with Checking Musical Gear on Commercial Airline Flights Anvil has engineered this case with significantly reduced weight in materials and hardware, all without sacrificing the protective qualities that have made Anvil the top choice of the touring music industry.
Forge Forge Constructed as Tough Carrying and Storage Cases The Forge product line provides superior protection for lighter items or short distance travel.
M.A.C.C. (Military) Military Application Cases and Containers Constructed to perform in the most demanding conditions, Anvil® M.A.C.C. cases provide unsurpassed function as well as rugged durability.
Work Box 4 Drawer Workbox with Optional M.I.C.S. Table One of our most requested products is now a standard. We have added a 4 drawer version to complement our popular 5 drawer workbox. Keep your valuable tools, test equipment, connectors and parts safe and organized during off-site or tour production work.
XLT ATA Transit, Production and Carrying Cases The Anvil XLT Series product line is the latest addition to our complete line of ATA transit, production and carrying cases.
XLT-15 XLT Lighter Small to Medium Cases XLT-15 represents the next quantum leap in case design with more weight reduction. The rigid quality of XLT-15 allows larger custom cases to be built.
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