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Shure Incorporated - M35X

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Ozomatli - The Shure Interview
Ozomatli - The Shure Interview
Shure Incorporated
Shure sits down with Artist Endorser, Ozomatli.

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Shure Incorporated
BLX14 Lavalier Wireless System with CVL
BLX14 Lavalier Wireless System with CVL


DJ Phonograph Cartridge/Record Needle for House Applications

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DJ record needle brings music alive by capturing every nuance of a recording, from deep drop bass to exceptionally clear mid and high frequencies. Designed specifically for use with House/Techno mixing environments, the cartridge's low record wear helps DJs preserve hard-to-replace vinyl, while its high skip resistance serves as a safeguard against the hazards of back-cueing. Combines high sonic accuracy and incredible skip resistance, all while keeping record wear to a minimum.
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