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Technical Innovation is a design/build systems integrator specializing in unified communications technologies, mission critical facilities, broadcast solutions & presentation and visualization environments. We focus on designing solutions specific to their client’s needs & to providing an exceptional customer experience, supported by an exceptional suite of client support and TI- Managed Services.

JBL Professional - 2382A


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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
ADVANTAGE TNSD 159D HD.9 220 -- Tensioned Advantage Electrol - HDTV (16:9) - HD Progressive 0.9 - 78 x 139 - 220V Motor; SCB-200 RS232 Control
ADVANTAGE TNSD 159D HD.9 220 -- Tensioned Advantage Electrol - HDTV (16:9) - HD Progressive 0.9 - 78 x 139 - 220V Motor; SCB-200 RS232 Control


2 Inch Throat Small Format Flat-Front Bi-Radial Horn, 120 x 40 Degree Coverage

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Flat-Front Bi-Radial® horns are designed for flush cabinet mounting or compact cluster applications. With various coverage angles available, these horns provide uniform on and off axis frequency response from 400-500 Hz to beyond 16 kHz. The horns' small vertical mouth dimension (just slightly larger than the compression driver used to drive each horn) allows very compact single and multiple horn/driver systems to be put together. In addition, the exceptionally consistent horizontal dispersion eliminates the midrange narrowing and high frequency beaming problems typically associated with conventional horn designs. The need for horn overlapping is minimized and lobing and comb filter effects are virtually eliminated. Computer-aided design techniques were used to derive the horn contours in the horizontal and vertical planes. Utilizing sidewall contours based on a polynomial power series formula, the horn design yields smooth response, low distortion, and even coverage. This design avoids the performance disadvantages of horns that feature sharp flare transitions and flat sidewalls. The BiRadial® compound flare configuration provides constant coverage over defined, solid angles. To ensure light weight, superior strength, and freedom from resonances, the horn bell is constructed of molded structural foam.
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