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Knox Video Technologies - Mediaflex8Y/C/BAL-VGA MediaFlex8


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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
PERM-WALL DT 45X80NPA 92DIAG -- Perm-Wall - HDTV (16:9) - Da-Tex - 45 x 80
PERM-WALL DT 45X80NPA 92DIAG -- Perm-Wall - HDTV (16:9) - Da-Tex - 45 x 80




8x8 MediaFlex S-Video Matrix Routing Switcher with Balanced Stereo Audio and VGA

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Switcher provides full matrix switching of multiple levels of video. It has front panel control with dual LCD displays, IP, RS-232 or contact closures. Audio controls include volume, bass, treble, balance, input trim and mute. Adjust each output individually for optimal audio quality in any environment.
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