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AmpliVox Sound Systems

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Mity-LiteĀ® Portable PA System | Sound Systems Great for Cheerleading, Cheerleaders
Mity-LiteĀ® Portable PA System | Sound Systems Great for Cheerleading, Cheerleaders
AmpliVox Sound Systems
http://www.ampli.com/sw300.htm The Lightweight and Compact Portable UHF PA System. Weighs only 6 1/2 lbs. Compact dimensions: 11.5in.H x 6.5in.W x 8.25in.D SW300 Mity-Lite Is The Best Choice For These Applications: * Indoor and outdoor school activities * Guided tours. * Briefings or presentations. * Seminars or group discussion. * Product demonstrations. * Wedding or funeral ceremonies. * Pu
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How to Set Up Half-Mile Hailer Kit PA System | Portable Loudspeaker Bundle from AmpliVox

Video posted on 23-Sep-11

http://www.ampli.com/s610aBundles.htm http://www.facebook.com/AmplivoxPortableSoundSystemsandLecterns Wireless Horn Loudspeakers PA System eliminate the need for wires, connectors and cables! * SW640 Includes: SW610A; S1244-70 Remote Wireless Horn Speaker; two S1090 tripods; one S1960 rolling case; Mic storage pouch; 40 ft cable.


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