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InTouch32 Tablet Cart has the Smallest Footprint for iPad Carts!
InTouch32 Tablet Cart has the Smallest Footprint for iPad Carts!
Spectrum Industries
You will hardly know that the InTouch32 Cart is in the room with a width that is almost 25% smaller than the nearest competitor. And you'll never find an easier and more secure tablet cart to use with charging cords leading right to each tablet in carefully padded bays. All protected behind a Spectrum custom 2-point lock that can accommodate a padlock for even further security.

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Spectrum Industries
Flex Insight 42
Flex Insight 42" Desk (ADA Compliant) -- Also Model# 38959 w/lock


Inspiration Lectern (Available in 36" H or 42" H) Also Available with Optional Overbridge

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The Inspiration Lectern is a stylish value lectern with ergonomic benefits that can support professional presentations in small spaces. A clever design uses angled sides to offset rack rail equipment, resulting in enough room for the presenter to sit or stand. With 19 rack units in the 42” Inspiration and 15 rack units in the 36" version, you can take full advantage of available technology without draining your budget. Inspired by style, inspired by technology – connect with Spectrum’s Inspiration!
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